The sign advertising your business is a mutual link between you and your customers. Your sign is an investment in how you project your image in public, which speaks for you and your business.

An impressive sign representing your business requires an intelligent decision as to who you choose as your sign maker. In this matter we would like to be of great assistance to you and present K-SIGN, INC. as one of your best choices for the following reasons:


K-SIGN, INC. is famous for its creative design. Color quality and harmony, layout, and other design components will be used to create the best design to your particular requirement.


K-SIGN is fully staffed and equipped to produce the best custom-made signs to suit your business needs.
K-SIGN will give you quality assurance and high-capacity capabilities by qualified personnel.


K-SIGN can provide maintenance services that will keep your sign looking new and bright. Getting the fastest service in town will make a great difference to your business.


K-SIGN installs with the greatest of care. We take pride in what we do and provide you with a crew that is capable of installing your sign in place and on schedule.


K-SIGNíS engineering skills have been developed over 25 years of operation in Southern California.
K-SIGNíS fabrications and drawings are inspected by licensed engineers.


K-SIGN studies all sites for proper sign placement, considers all city code requirements, and secures all permits.

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